Advantages and Disadvantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums have been advertised as great cleaning aids that can improve the way you clean your house. As any other item, it has its bad sides as it has its good sides and it’s best that you know them all before you go ahead and purchase one for your home.


  • They are self-sufficient

The main advantage of the robot vacuum is their independence is cleaning your home. All you have to do is set it to start whenever you like and the device will do the rest without needing your presence. If you read the iRobot Roomba review on the site, you will see that this robotic vacuum cleaner is so smart that it can even detect soft barriers such as sofa skirts, in order to go under them and clean every accessible floor space. The navigation system and the multiple sensors it uses allow it to move around your house by itself without running into objects or missing to clean a spot.

  • They are easy to store

With the robot vacuum, you can forget about the bulky vacuum cleaner that is hard to carry and store. This compact device weighs only a few pounds, is small and narrow so you can easily store it under the bed or on top of a wardrobe without it standing out.

  • They fit in narrow places

The small size and the short shape also enable the robot vacuum to reach tight places like underneath the beds or in narrow corners where the vacuum cleaner can’t reach. No more bending, stretching, or kneeling to get to the dust collected in a corner or under the furniture.

  • They perform a thorough cleaning

Due to the agitating brushes that raise the dust, the powerful absorption, the dirt sensors, and the sanitizing feature that some unit have, the robot vacuum leaves the house sparkling clean. It even reaches the harmful dust bunnies that hide in dark and narrow places so your home will become a safer living environment.


  • They cost more

The price of a regular vacuum cleaner reaches around $200 if you are not looking for something very high-tech. The robot vacuum cleaner can go as high as $1000 for the most advanced models that use the latest technologies. The difference is considerable if you make a comparison and it’s the reason why most people refuse to replace their old vacuum cleaner with a robot one.

  • They can flip over

Although robot vacuums move on their own and they use a navigation system and sensors to find their way around your house, they can flip over sometimes, especially when vacuuming the stairs. When they do, they become useless until you go and put them back on the ground the right way.

  • They must be recharged

Every time you need to use the robot vacuum cleaner, you must make sure the battery is fully charged otherwise, the unit will not work. Robot vacuums don’t get plugged in so they rely on their battery in order to operate. Unless the unit returns to the charging station when it’s done cleaning or when it runs out of battery, you will have to remember to recharge it so you will be able to use it when in need.