Best Artificial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

To keep your indoor plants thriving in the winter as they thrive in summer, you will need the help of some effective artificial grow lights that will offer them the right amount of light they need. Unlike greenhouse plants that require large and very powerful led grow lights, indoor plants need smaller systems. Here are some of the best led grow light systems you can trust to take care of your indoor plants.

WYZM Full Spectrum Znet9 700w Led Grow Light

This is a led grow light system that creates a full spectrum of light that adapts to the needs of every growing stage so you won’t have to invest in various different models. The 5-watt high-intensity Epistar chip it includes ensures stronger penetration of the plant, a higher lumen and a bigger yield in growing a wide array of plants. The system uses big cooling fans that spread the heat to a wider area for excellent growing results. This system costs $339 and it’s worth every penny.

Homdox Led Grow Light 24W 27E Plant Grow Light

This is a small yet powerful led grow lamp that creates enough red and blue light for your plants to enjoy a productive growth. The combination of 9 red lights and 3 blue lights boost the growth of your indoor plants and the lamp offers you the advantage of a small and easy to handle unit that can be placed in the smallest areas. At a price reduced from $50 to $25, you will enjoy a great growth-boosting help.

HHE UFO 135w LED Grow Light

Another compact version of an excellent artificial grow light is this device that consists of 3 components that contain 135W LED bulbs that create a spectrum of light that can be absorbed by plants in photosynthesis. Easy to install and low-consuming, these led grow lights will give your plants a growth boost all year round for only $79.

VicTsing Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This led grow lights system creates a bright 36W light that is better absorbed by plants during each stage of their growing process. The targeted spectrum of light adapts to the requirements of each plant so the growth will be maximized. The ribbed design of the pure polished aluminum housing ensures the lamp stays cool during operating so no incident will disturb the growth of your indoor plants. This is a quality device that enjoys a price discount so you can now have it for $30.