Electric Clothes Dryer Buying Guide

Electric clothes dryers are rapidly becoming a mandatory household appliance. They will provide you with dry laundry in only a couple of hours and they are environmentally friendly as well. Therefore, don’t waste time and read this buying guide to learn what to look for when you buy an electric clothes dryer and head to the store to acquire one for yourself.


Before even considering the features and options that you want the dryer to have, measure the space. Make sure to take correct measurements or else you might spend your money on an appliance that you can’t use. When you measure the width that you have available for the electric clothes dryer, leave 1 inch of space free on one side and the other. You have to leave 1 inch free for the proper air circulation of the unit. Also, when you take the measurements for the depth of the unit you have to leave 6 inches for door clearance.


There are certain cycles that most modern electric clothes dryers have and that you must look for if you want the unit to be as efficient as possible. The Sensor Dry cycle will save you money and time by adjusting the drying time for the machine to stop operating when the laundry is completely dry or damp, depending on the option that you choose. The Express Dry cycle uses large blowers for the laundry to be dried faster. The Steam cycle will remove the wrinkles and odors from your laundry. The Sanitation cycle will efficiently eliminate 99.9% of all the bacteria and germs that lurk in the fabric of the laundry. The Eco-Cycle uses about 35% less energy than other cycles due to the fact that it accurately monitors the dryness of the laundry while operating. Last but not least, the Delicate cycle uses ultra-low temperature to gently dry loosely woven fabrics and lightweight garments.


The features that you have to look for when buying the electric clothes dryer are digital displays, NSF ratings, silent operation, drum light and extended tumble. The digital display offers a stylish look for the unit and it makes the electric clothes dryer easier to use as well. The NSF ratings show that the machine is able to destroy the bacteria and allergens that lurk in the fabrics. The silent operation feature allows you to mute the signal that the unit normally emits when the cycle ends to not disturb if it’s close to sleeping areas. The drum light makes it easier for you to load and unload the laundry because it illuminates the interior for you to see better. The extended tumble keeps the clothes fresh and wrinkle-free even when you can’t unload immediately.


The capacity of the electric clothes dryer has to be perfect for the capacity of your washing machine. To figure out what the right capacity for the electric clothes dryer is, multiply the capacity of the washing machine by 2.5. You will avoid buying an electric clothes dryer that will have a bigger or smaller capacity than it should if you do it. If the unit is too big for the load, you will waste energy due to the fact that it won’t be fully loaded when you operate it. On the other hand, if the capacity of the electric clothes dryer is too small, you will waste energy because you will have to load the unit twice to dry off all the laundry.