What to Consider when Buying a Basement Dehumidifier

Correcting basement dampness issues and preventing allergens from developing in your basement is extremely important, if you want to protect your health and stay away from allergies, irritations or other health concerns caused by mold growth. Your best solution would be to invest in a basement dehumidifier and today, we will help you choose the best dehumidifier for your needs. Here are some things to pay attention at when buying a basement dehumidifier.

Do you have several rooms in your basement?

If you have several rooms in your basement area you will most definitely need a dehumidifier. If the rooms are not separate and closed, then it’s sufficient to invest in only one basement dehumidifier. Take some precise measurements of the length and width of each room to best determine what type of dehumidifier you need in your basement. In order to get the square footage, you can simply multiply the width measurement by the length measurement for each room and save the data for later when you are planning to buy a dehumidifier.

Look around different stores

On the market you can find hundreds of dehumidifier models, but it all depends where you’re looking for such a device, because each store carry different brands, so it’s less likely that you will find the same exact model in 2 or 3 different stores. You can also browse the internet to find a good quality dehumidifier model but you will want to make sure that the specific unit is able to dehumidify the square footage of the rooms you have measured. If you like a particular model, write down its number and features and reviews your top picks at the end of the day.

Invest in a dehumidifier that comes with convenient features

When shopping for a dehumidifier, take a look at its list of features, because you will want to make sure that your future purchase includes some practical features, such a defrost or de-icer feature. If you are planning to use your basement dehumidifier for long periods of time in humid summer months, the refrigeration coils can simply freeze and stop working, so owning a unit that comes with a defrost feature will allow you to save money on repair costs.

Opt for a unit that comes with a drain hose attachment

Unless you are willing to pay extra on a separate drain hose attachment, consider getting a basement dehumidifier that already includes a drain hose because it’s extremely convenient. The drain hose attachment helps the unit to work without pausing, because it allows the water from the collection tray to drain right away.