What To Consider When Buying Hairstyling Tools

The most common hair styling tools that are commonly used by women all around he world are the flat iron and the curling iron. Although choosing one to meet your needs might seem easy, the truth is that you must know what to look for when you buy one. The following particularities will guarantee you will make the best purchase.

What to consider when buying a flat iron

  • Temperature control

Fine hair can be easily damaged by the heat so you have to be very careful how much heat to apply to your hair while straightening it. The only way to have control over the amount of heat you use on your hair is to choose a flat iron with a temperature adjustment feature that lets you set the degrees not just the levels of intensity. This way, you will be able to select a lower temperature for fragile hair and a higher temperature for thicker hair.

  • The size of the plates

Depending on how long your hair is, you can choose between several plates widths. A flat iron with narrow plates is perfect for short hair or for bangs and it also allows you to create delicate waves on your hair. Flat irons with wider plates are great for long hair that takes longer to straighten.

  • The materials of the plates

Flat irons used to be made of, exactly, iron but nowadays they have evolved so much that you can choose from models with plates made of higher quality materials. Ceramic flat irons are the most popular as they reach high temperatures and distribute the heat evenly without damaging your hair. Tourmaline infused ceramic flat irons contain a natural material made from gemstone which secures the heat inside the hair so it won’t become dry and burned.

What to consider when buying a curling iron

  • Barrel size

As you choose the size plates of flat irons, you must choose the barrel size of curling irons, which influences how large the curls will be. If you have long hair and you want to get full curls, you should opt for a curler with a 2-inch diameter barrel. For shorter hair, a 1-inch barrel will work perfectly and spiral curls are easily obtained with a curling iron that is 1/3 to ¾ inches big.

  • The clip handle

There are curling irons that have a clip handle that hold the strain of hair in place while you wrap it around the iron and curling irons that come without the clip handle. The ones that have the clip are easier to use as they hold the hair more securely so we advise that you opt for a model that has a clip handle.

  • The materials of the barrel

You will find three types of curling irons made of three different materials. One is made of ceramic, which distributes the heat evenly and keeps the moisture inside the hair through the negative ions it emits. The second type is tourmaline and it’s more advanced than the ceramic because it emits more ions that leave the hair softer and healthier. The third is titanium and it gives the best results in curling the hair without damaging it.